Viv and Alex's favorite recipes. All are easy to make from basic ingredients.


Basic bread recipe — The basic fresh yeast bread recipe

Bread rolls with dried yeast — Large bread rolls/baps can be flavored with any seeds

Bread with dried yeast — Easy way to make bread

Brown Sauce — Home made HP Sauce

Chicken with sauerkraut — Cheap dinner, serve with mashed potato

Courgette, pea and pesto soup — Very green and tasty

Courgette cookies — Vegetarian (vegan) patties to serve with yogurt sauce and green salad

Green Pesto - For use with pasta and snacks

Mayonaise — Home made mayonaise

Muesli — Basic muesli mixture for breakfast. Serve with milk or plain yoghurt and fresh fruit

Muffins with goat cheese — Savory muffins

Oxtail soup — Delicious winter soup

Peanut soup — Easy to make and very tasty

Pear and walnut salad — Delicious and substantial salad

Quick lamb stew — Lamb stew that's quick and easy to make. Serve with potatoes or rice

Romige Mungbonensoep - A tasty green vegan soup

Tomato soup — Classic tomato soup that's easy to make